Caring for the Face When Pregnant, Here's How

Be careful if you want to treat your face during pregnancy. The chemicals contained in facial care products are feared to be harmful to the fetus. The ups and downs of hormones during pregnancy, can cause a variety of skin problems in pregnant women, one of them on the face. This problem can make pregnant women confused in choosing beauty products or how to take care of the face while pregnant. One thing to remember, you need to be more careful in choosing products and types of facial care during pregnancy, so as not to harm your fetus and your womb. Facial Problems During Pregnancy and Treatment Caring for the face while pregnant may be easy and difficult. The following are some facial problems that can approach you while pregnant and how to treat them. Zits The emergence of acne during pregnancy is a common thing in pregnant women. The types are varied, ranging from mild to severe acne. Acne during pregnancy occurs because the androgen hormone increases and triggers the o
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